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Dec 12, 2012

Police Identify Mall Gunman

22 year old from Portland with no prior criminal history.

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Posted by: markbailey

Police say the gunman who killed two people and himself in a shooting rampage at Clackamas Town Center Tuesday afternoon was 22 years old and used a stolen rifle from someone he knew.  Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts says that Jacob Tyler Roberts of Portland had armed himself with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and had several fully loaded magazines.  Sheriff Roberts says the rifle jammed during the 22-year-old's attack...but he managed to get it working again.  He added that Clackamas Town Center's execution of lockdown procedures, the large number of police reacting rapidly to limit the shooter's movements, and the calm displayed by those in the mall helped prevent a far worse tragedy.  The sheriff says authorities don't yet have a motive, and search warrants have been executed on Jacob Roberts' car and home, but added they are not prepared to release any results.  Clackamas County Sheriff's Sergeant Adam Phillips said their initial investigation shows Jacob Roberts had no significant criminal history, and emphasized that every indication they have is that he acted alone.  Police identified the two people killed in Tuesday's shooting at Clackamas Town Center.  They are 54-year-old Cindy Ann Yuille (yule) of Portland and 45-year-old Steven Forstyh of West Linn.  A third person, 15-year-old Kristina Svchenko of Portland, is now listed in serious condition as she is treated for wounds at Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital in Portland.