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Nov 15, 2012

TD Council Asks Staff To Draw Up Infill Ordinance

Ordinance expected before Council in early 2013.

Category: News
Posted by: markbailey

The Dalles City Council has directed municipal staff to draw up an ordinance addressing how street improvements will be paid for as infill development in residential areas takes place.  City Manager Nolan Young says the goal is to achieve a balance between encouraging development in those areas while still getting needed street improvements as an area grows paid for.  Councilors are asking staff to develop an ordinance in which the obligation to pay for street improvements attach to all lots associated with a minor land partition.  If it's a vacant lot, the trigger to pay would be anytime the developer wants, when a building permit is obtained, or when a local improvement district is created.  For lots where there is an existing dwelling unit...the obligation will take place when an LID is formed.  The ordinance should go before Council in early 2013.