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Oct 11, 2012

Armstrong Disappointed By TDMS Rating

Rating caused by attendance figures, not academic achievement.

Category: News
Posted by: markbailey

Oregon education officials have released the report card ratings for public schools, and two North Wasco County School District 21 schools were listed as in need of improvement, but one received the rating for nothing involving academic achievement.  The Dalles Middle School was listed as in need of improvement for its reported attendance rate, even though it's reading and math achievement scores were solidly in the satisfactory category.  D-21 Superintendent Candy Armstrong was disappointed because they had corrected errors in their student attendance data in their fourth quarter report, but the state used the third quarter numbers.  Chenowith Elementary School was rated as in need of improvement for a second straight year, and Armstrong says plan and design for increasing student achievement there is taking place.  Schools in Hood River County, Dufur, and Sherman County all received satisfactory ratings, while Maupin Elementary School in the South Wasco County  District received an outstanding rating.