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Oct 10, 2012

HR City Council To Decide How To Proceed With Wal-Mart Remand

Category: News
Posted by: markbailey

The Hood River City Council will take up later this month what its process should be for dealing with an Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals remand of its decision that Wal-Mart has a vested right to expand through its initial site plan approval over 20 years ago.   Municipal Planning Director Cindy Walbridge says Councilors have decided to allow oral argument on what the remand process should be.  Among the issues the Council will be addressing at its October 22 meeting: a request from Wal-Mart to revise its store design as a part of the remand proceeding, what is the range of legal issues that will be considered, and when will a hearing will take place.  LUBA remanded the Council's Wal-Mart decision on a single ground related to whether Wal-Mart may have lost the right to pursue and claim the vested right under the City's nonconforming use chapter of its zoning ordinance.